Can I order online?

No. At Appliances Unlimited, we do not accept any ordering online.

Can I order my appliances over the phone?

Yes. Please contact store or sales representative for the terms of over the phone purchases.

What forms of payment do you take?

We accept MasterCard, Visa, Debit, Cash, and certified check or bank draft.

Do you price match?

Yes, we are able to price match and even price beat on selective models. For more information please contact the store or ask your sales associate.

Can I return or exchange my product?

Any returns or exchanges are handled on a per situation basis. If a product ends up getting returned or exchanged it may be subject to a 20% restocking fee. For more information please contact the store.

Are any appliances final sale items?

Yes, our scratch and dent (show home return) appliances are final sale along with any appliances that are special ordered in.

Do you sell scratch and dent or used appliances?

Yes we do sell scratch and dent but we do not sell any used or second hand appliances.

Can I make an appointment to come in and pick out appliances?

Yes, we can book an appointment with you to pick out appliances during our normal business hours. If you need an appointment out of business hours please call and talk to our sales associates to see if we can work to accommodate.

Can you deliver and install my appliances?

Yes, we have both a delivery crew and installers that we can provide to deliver and install your appliances. Please contact store or your sales associate for pricing of each.

What warranty is given with your products?

All products, even scratch and dent, come with full manufacturer’s warranty (unless otherwise stated) and we can offer extended warranty during purchase as well for up to an extra 4 years past the manufacturer warranty period.

What happens if cabinet or counter top work needs to be done when you are installing?

Unfortunately our installers are not cabinet or counter top people so we cannot make any modifications. If you need that type of work done you will have to find a contractor to make the adjustments, we would return once modifications are done to finish the install. (Trip charges may apply, please ask sales associate for details)

Do you pick up old appliances?

Yes and no, we will only remove old appliances during the time of delivery. We do not schedule for old appliance pickups only.

Can you store my appliances if I do not need delivery right away?

Yes, we are able to store your appliances for up to 1 (one) year.

Do you delivery outside of Edmonton?

Yes we do delivery outside of the city. For pricing on delivery to your home please ask your sales representative or contact the store.

Do you keep inventory on hand?

We do carry certain products in stock but majority of appliances do have to be ordered from factory.

What if I cannot find what I am looking for online or in your showroom?

If you are looking for a specific size or type of appliance that you cannot find on our site or showroom please ask one of our sales representatives and we will take a look to see if we can get what you are looking for.

Do you sell small appliance or perform small appliance repair?

No, we only deal in major large appliances.

Do you sell parts?

No, we do not stock or sell any appliance parts other than Whirlpool branded water filters. If you are just looking for parts but no service you will have to contact a parts supplier either AMRE supply or Reliable Parts.

What if we have an appliance delivered and it doesn't fit?

If an appliance is delivered and does not fit in its space, please contact the store ASAP and speak with either your sales representative or the store manager.

What happens if my appliance arrives with hidden damage?

If your appliance arrives with hidden damage you are required to contact the store within the first 48 hours of delivery to notify us, from there we can discuss the options there are depending on the damage.

Are you an authorized service dealer?

Yes, we are an authorized service dealer for all Whirlpool brands, all GE brands including Monogram, Samsung, Frigidaire and a few other niche brands that we do sell. We can service both in and out of warranty. Questions please contact our service coordinator.

What do I do if my appliance breaks down?

If you appliance breaks down either in or out of warranty please give our service department a call right away and we will book you in for our next available day.

If the query you are looking for is not listed here, feel free to call our customer service right away.